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Updated: Dec 04, 2017

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1217 Bville Pioneer 5

Pioneer Movement launched in Bougainville      




1117 Hahela 3

Children's Evangelization Day at Hahela      




1117 Sebastien Leleivai Sr Elisabeth

Passing of Marist Laity leader      

November newChildren's Evangelization Day at Hahelas



1117 MC orders Acolyte Tora Joseph

Vows and orders, degrees and diplomas   

November news



Futuna 004 APM

Fr Andrew Murray's Futuna pilgrimage   

November news



1017 Bourail 5 Welcome to O

Feast of the Faith in New Caledonia  

October news



1017 Casa di Maria 1

Oceanians at Casa di Maria 

October news



1012 SL mugs 10sete

Fr Sete, Acting-Provincial 

October news



1017 Tomo pilg 3

Tomo pilgrimage 

October news



0517 B McKennar4w

Oceania Provincial now Assistant-General 

October news



0917 Larsen J 0514crp

Fr John Larsen, new Superior-General 

October news



1017 Oceania SMs at GC0917 GC 2 Ben0917 GC 20 Sete0917 GC 15 Tino0917 GC 9 Viko Samu0917 GC 6 Lote

Oceanians at General Chapter 

September news



0917 Financial Management W.shop grad 3

Bomana finance workshop ends 

September news



0917 HNM Hahela WManu

HNM at Hahela 

September news



0917 HNM Hohola Kanosia 2

Holy Name of Mary
at Hohola and Kanosia

September news



0917 HNM Noumea 2

Holy Name of Mary in Noumea 

September news



0917 CEPAC Bishops 2017

CEPAC meeting, Lomeri 

September news



0917 Financial Management W.shop 17

Financial Management workshop, Bomana 

September news



0917 Retreat

'Oceania Thirty Days'Sep 03-08, 

September news



0917 Bonou 150th

Hippolyte Bonou’s
sesquicentenary at Pouébo

September news