May 2021

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 Confirmation in Lamlu parish, Tanna, Vanuatu

The Lamlu parish in Tanna under the pastoral care of the parish priest, Fr Epokifoou Okusitino sm and his assistant, Fr Louis Maite sm, together with the Catechists of the parish helped to make the confirmation day for the candidates a special one. Bishop John B Baremes administered the Sacrament on his annual pastoral visit of the parish.  
Confirmation at Lamlu Confirmation at Lamlu 2
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 Anniversary of the St John the Evangelist parish, Dala, Solomon Islands

On the 16th of May, the parish priest of St John the Evangelist parish in Dala, Solomon Islands, Fr Peter Puamae sm, his assistant, Fr Soane 'Ahohako sm and the parishioners commemorated the establishment of the parish on the same day 71 years ago in 1950. The first parish priest was received into Dala by a man called Charles Babaanimae. In this anniversary in 2021 the parish priest was symbolically received into Dala by a grandchild of Mr Babaanimae. The Marists took care of the parish from 1950 until 1998. The parish was then handed over to the diocese until 2010 when the Marists were asked to take it back again. Included with the parish is the St John's the Evangelist community School. The school will finally reach form 6 (Year 12) level in 2022. 
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