Mar 2020

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 Fr Lolesio Tupa has requested prayers for the people of Vanuatu. While they live in fear of Covid 19, category 5 TC Harold is descending upon the group. Powerful winds of up to 215 kim/hr at the center of the Cyclone are now hitting the islands. They are already in a state of emergency because of Covid 19 with no confirmed cases but it is now lifted to ensure the people could seek shelters in evacuation centers or other safe places. Many would use caves in remote islands. According to forecasts, the worst is yet to come. Because of the state of emergency, the people were not as prepared as they might have been. Uniting in prayers for our confreres and the people of Vanuatu. 


















Fiji Sector

With the threat of Covid-19 with 15 confirmed cases, an imminent whole country lockdown is possible. At the moment, lockdowns and curfews are limited to some of the cities.

At the same time another threat is looming large for Fiji with the incoming Tropical Cyclone Harold. It is expected to pass to the Southwest of the group on the Wednesday of the Holy Week.

Our prayers for the confreres and the people of Fiji during this challenging time. We pray especially for those who are most vulnerable especially our elderly and the sick. 






 Bougainville PNG 


With the one confirmed case of Covid19, who is out of the country, PNG was put on a State of Emergency for the last 2 weeks. However, new measures will be in place for the next 2 months. Our men in both PNG and Bougainville are well.



New Caledonia

Fr Francois reported that NC has been on lockdown for the last 2 weeks with restrictions on many things including both international and domestic travels. There are 15 confirmed cases of Covid19. 





The report from Samoa is that our men are safe and well despite the country’s lockdown because of Covid-19. After a couple of months from the measle outbreaks which killed dozens, the Covid-19 pandemic is threatening them again. May they continue to be free from Covid19.





As people flee to their homes in the midst of the Covid19 fear, disaster struck at sea on the MV Taimareho due to bad weather from TC Harold. 27 people were swept overboard and are still missing. The country is still free from the Covid19. Our men, including Soane 'Ahohako & Petelo Sanele Sekeme (from the Philippines) stranded there,  are safe and well at this time.





Fr Suni Halapio, the Sector Delegate, reported that there is no confirmed case of Covid 19. Lockdown was in place for the airport and other measures are being introduced slowly. Our men, including Fr Mika Paunga who is on sabbatical leave in Wallis, are well and safe.





Tonga has just completed a week of lockdown under state of emergency. There is no confirmed case of Covid-19 as yet. However, the TC category 5 Harold, on its current path, may impact Tonga as well. Our men are well and safe. But we pray the added threat of TC Harold may not affect them as well.





All at Raiatea are well and safe except Fr Aisake Vaisima who is stranded in Australia awaiting return. Marist College is following closely their prevention plans as well as Tutu.

 Marist College Ecological Conversion



RIP Bishop Henk Kronenberg sm

He served in Bougainville for 45 years. He arrived in 1965 after ordination in 1961. He was consecrated Bishop in 1999 and retired in 2009. Bishop was born on 29 Sept 1934 in Enchede, Netherlands. For his service to the people of Bougainville he was awarded “Chief” and the “Grand Companion of the Order of Logohu.” MAY HE REST IN PEACE

 Henk RIP