Aug 2020

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Fr Setefano Mataele sm was confirmed by the Superior General that he has been re-elected to the office of provincial superior for the Oceania Marist Province for another term of three years beginning from 01 January 2021.

We thank Fr Provincial for his leadership of the Province in the last three years and we congratulate him for his continuing leadership in the next three years. Our thanks also goes to all the members of Oceania who participated in the election process. The election of the Provincial Councilors will begin shortly.




Rotuma 1 Rotuma 2

On Sunday 26 July, during mass, the Vicar Provincial, Fr Milikiade Rayalu sm, representing the Province and a former parish priest, handed over the key of the Church of our Lady of Victory, Rotuma, to the Vicar General, Fr Sulio Turagakacivi, representing the Archdiocese, to mark the end of the Marist mission in Rotuma and the taking over by the Archdiocese of Suva after 174 years. The Rotuma Marist mission began in 1846 by Fr Pierre Verne sm from France. Many Marists went through Rotuma and some spent 30 to 40 years like Fr Gustav Griffon sm from 1913 to 1959. The last parish priest ending in 2020 was Fr Emiliano Lasaqa sm. As reported by Fr Milikiade, “A lot of people expressed their sadness when reminiscing past experiences and stories of confreres and how they gave so much to the Catholic Church in the island.” AMDG et DGH.




Tutu taking the lead - Brighter future for Agriculture

Tutu 1 Tutu 2
Tutu 3

Under the leadership of the Director, Fr Petero Matairatu sm (above) and his Team, Tutu Rural Training Centre (Tutu) organized and hosted the very first Farmers Forum on 30th July. The theme of the Forum was “Transforming Family Farming Through Soil Health, Seeds Saving, Analyzing Value Chain and Local Vegetables, Spices and Crop Production.” Experts from various fields including Fr Donato Kivi sm from the Marian Ecological Centre were invited to speak to the forum. More than 50 farmers attended. Group discussions and actions to be followed were central to the Forum.




After two and a half years of Cyclone Gita


July 29th marked the opening of the new classrooms for ‘Apifo’ou College, two and half years after the destructions to the school caused by Tropical Cyclone Gita on February 2018. The new classrooms project was funded by the World Bank. The Prime Minister of Tonga, Hon Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa, opened the new classrooms together with dignitaries from the government and the World Bank. The 2nd phase which is envisaged to complete by the beginning of 2021 will be the construction and renovation of 10 classrooms. In his vote of thanks the Principal, Fr Ekuasi Manu sm said the staff and students were waiting patiently for 2 and a half years bearing the hardships of learning and teaching inside tents. “Today they have reaped the harvest of being resilient and patient.”




Wainoni Secondary School 

Wainoni Wainoni2
Wainoni 3

Fr Patelisio Kiutau sm reports from Wainoni mission, Solomon Islands that the building of the new secondary school is continuing, thanks to MMC / AMS and benefactors. He is also grateful for the parishioners who are putting their construction skills into good use. They have completed the dormitories for girls and boys and the dining hall. A new classroom is also being constructed.