May news 2022

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St John College, Cawaci

The Last Prefects' Induction for SM

The year 2022 marks the end of 132 years of Marists involvement in Cawaci, a 525-acre property in the island of Ovalau, Fiji which became a centre for the evangelization of the Fiji Islands. It hosted various schools, a catechist centre, a seminary, a teaching college and schools for boys and girls. By 1952 St John's college was the only educational institution left in Cawaci catering for both boys and girls education.

By the end of the current year, the Marist Province of Oceania will hand the school back to the Archdiocese. The Vicar Provincial, Fr Milikiade Rayalu SM led the opening mass of the new school season which started later than usual due to Covid-19, and inducted the new prefects. The Marist community in Cawaci led by Fr Lutoviko Manu SM, the current manager of the college, will leave at the end of the school year and a school governing board established by the Archdiocese will continue managing the college forward. 

Cawaci 05 cawaci 04
Fr Milikiade and Lutoviko with Head boy and girl cutting the Prefects' cake
 Cawaci 07
  The Principal, Mrs Kitolelei with the Prefects 2022 


Apifo'ou College new school year

Prefects Induction

Due to the Tsunami and the Pandemic, schools in Tonga were not able to hold a proper beginning to their school year. Apifo'ou college had theirs after four months. Fr Aisake Silatolu SM, while visiting Tonga led the Prefects' leadership weekend. The principal, Fr Ekuasi Manu SM is quite confident that despite the setbacks they will surely complete the year successfully. 

 AFC prefects leadership1 AFC prefects2
  AFC prefects 2022



Hohola Parish Ministries

Fr Wesley Manu SM, the parish priest of Sacred Heart, Hohola is building up his parish with ministries for the Mothers and the Family couples.
Hohola couples for family Hohola mothers ministry