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On the memory lane - Solomon Islands

Remembering the early missionaries

Marists in the Solomon Island took time off to do their annual retreat on the island Ruasula where the first Catholic missionaries arrived and held the first mass. From Ruasula began the evangelization of the Solomon. There were 40 unknown graves in the island including 3 sisters and a Bishop. Many of the unknown graves are believed to be of catechists from Fiji and Samoa who accompanied the early missionaries. The retreatants were deeply overwhelmed of the occasion and grateful for the heros and pioneers that brought the Catholic faith to the Solomon. 

Unknown graves Bishops Grave Ruasula
Grave First Cross
First Mass


 Education of the whole person - Apifo'ou College 

'Api-fo'ou College, Tonga

'Apifo'ou College has come a long way since 1865 with the education ethos of the Marist Fathers. After 157 years the college is flourishing with over a thousand teachers and 70 teachers. The college is proud to have produced over the century and a half of its existence excellent scholars, citizens and Christians. Past pupils have become the mainstay of the Church in Tonga including the current Bishop, Cardinal Paini Mafi, hundreds of leaders both in the government and in the parishes of the diocese. The current Principal, Fr Ekuasi Manu SM continues the tradition of 'Apifo'ou with educating the person in all aspects - Spiritually, Intellectually, Physically, Socially, and Emotionally. They are reflected in the curriculum that the students follow as aspects of them are shown in the photos below. 


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