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Blessed Peter To Rot visiting Hohola parish

Blessed Peter To Rot Icon

Peter To Rot was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1995. The ceremony took place in Papua New Guinea. His icon was warmly received by Fr Wesley Manu sm, the parish priest of the Sacred Heart Parish, Hohola, Ports Moresby, and the parishioners. 

In 1942 during the World War II with the Japanese occupation of Papua New Guinea, missionary priests were imprisoned. Peter, a layman and a catechist continued the work of the priests in catechism, visiting the sick, conducting Sunday services and distributing the Eucharist to priests in prison. Christian worship and religious gathering were banned but Peter continued his pastoral work which led to his arrest in 1945. He was confined to a cave where he was eventually killed by the Japanese guards. He was martyred for the faith. 

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Peter to Rot Icon


Centenary of the Hanahan Parish, Bougainville

During the week of 14th to 17th July the parishioners of Mt Carmel, Hanahan and hundreds of people from all over Bougainville congregated at Hanahan to mark the milestone of 100 years of the parish. It was a joyous occasion and at the same filled with gratitude to God for the early missionaries that brought the faith to Hanahan. One of our councilors, Fr Justin Ratsi SM is from the parish and he was present in the celebration. 

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