April 2019

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Consecration of the New Bishop of Wallis and Futuna - Susitino Sionepoe sm

Oceania Marist Province was well-represented in the Consecration of the former Vicar Provincial, Fr Susitino Sionepoe sm, to be the new Bishop of the Diocese of Wallis and Futuna on 24th March 2019 in Wallis. The Provincial, Fr Setefano Mataele sm, who was with the new bishop in the previous Provincial Administration, attended together with the Vicar Provincial, Fr Milikiade Rayalu sm. As reported by Fr Francois Grossin sm, “ an unique experience of the Polynesian way of hosting guests, celebrating and rejoicing, which will be remembered for ever.”  We wish Bishop Susitino every blessings as the Shepherd for the people of Wallis and Futuna and to the retiring Bishop, Ghislain de Rasilly sm, a life-giving retirement.

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