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Kanosia school project

From Kanosia, PNG, Fr Xavier Sariman SM reports:

Most of the work on the school project (pictured below) is completed except running the water pipes to the toilet which will be done during the holidays as per the request of the plumber. Plus hooking up the power to the teaches houses which will begin next week.

All classrooms, both the elementary and the rimary, have been fitted with a light and a power point. The aid post will also be receiving power from the generator as it is in the vicinity of the catholic station. Nevertheless, all maintenance jobs have been accomplished.

On their speech day the school acknowledged the Marist Fathers Australia, MMC and all the donors and thanked them for their generosity and assistance in this much needed project.

On that note I would also like to thank you all for your support and though it was a first experience for me, your guidance made it easier for me on this end. Thank you and all those who have assisted.

I wish you all a blessed, and an enriching advent season. God bless you all.

Xavier Sariman sm

 1217 Kanosia 3b1217 Kanosia 2a


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Pioneer Movement launched in Bougainville

The Pioneer Total Abstinence Assocaition has now been launched in Bougainville, thanks to the visit in October of Paolo Lala and Romanu Tikotikoca.

Both men are from Nadera parish, Suva, their trip to Bougainville being funded by Marist Mission Centre, Australia.

Here is a message from Romanu Tikotikoca to Fr Ben McKenna about his mission, with Paulo Lala, to begin the Pioneeer Movement in Bougainville:

Ni bula vinaka saka Fr. Bernard,

Please be advised that the Pioneer Total Abstinence Assn. trip to Bougainville was awesome and very inspirational.  We wish to convey our  heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you for spearheading the program which finally came to fruition.  I went across with Paulo Lala but Steeve was unable to join the team due to some personal issues that he encountered.

We greatly enjoyed the trip and thank the Marist Fathers for their wonderous support.  We covered North, Central and South Bougainville.  We had an open air  program at Buka Town which was greatly appreciated by members of the communities.  

Finally we had a session with with the Priests and the Bishop at their meeting.  All the Marist Fathers joined the Pioneer together with the Bishop and the Diocesan Priests. 

The Bishop requested for another visit by January next year (2018).  He wanted us to cover West Bougainville and parishes which were not visited.

I've already briefed His Grace Archbishop Peter Loy and Vicar General.

Vinaka saka vakalevu.

Romanu Tikotikoca

 1217 Bville Pioneer 1

Above: Paolo Lala is second from the left, at the back. Fr Tomasi Sili is at the front left (in red shirt) and Bishop Bernard Unabali in the centre (blue shirt and cross).    Below: Marist confrères, together with Romanu Tikotikoca.   Romanu is a former Police Commissioner of Fiji, former Fiji High Commissioner to PNG, and is currently the Administrator of Nadera Parish, Suva, Fiji.   He is a leader and advocate in the Pioneer Movement.

 1217 Bville Pioneer 2
Below:  Scene from Pioneer Movement establishment events in Bougainville.
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1217 Bville Pioneer 8